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The architecture studio Apollo Architects & Associates called this property located on West Tokyo “Noah´s ark” because of its symmetric level and its pointed roof. Everything was made in wood with a modern aesthetic that make us forget colder materials and proposals that take us away from nature.

 As you can figure out, gardens are a must in all Japanese houses, the way to introduce the garden to daily life is through large windows that project light to indoor areas so it works as a light distributor, (they don´t use shoji screens). In fact the possibility of the two courtyards (this solution has been used several times by Apollo Architects) adds to all rooms visual contact with outside. We do love Japan, its architecture is one of the reasons but, please, don´t ask for more reasons since architecture coherence in Japan embrace them all.

By the way, we leave you today with a live masterpiece by Depeche Mode. We encorauge you to browse our blog and projects listening to contemporary classics. Bona sera !


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