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Frank Lloyds Wright casa en la cascada falling water house @RuarteContract

Frank Lloyd Wright´s Falling Water House as never seen before

Can an ordinary -well, not that much- house become an art masterpiece ? Is it necessary to integrate construction and nature as some architects do or we can just turn our backs on nature and enjoy urban life at its … Continue reading

Hudson Wood by Lang Architecture 2 @RuarteContract

Hudson Woods, regreso a la naturaleza con Lang Architecture

A tan sólo 70 km. de Nueva York, encontramos en Hudson Woods una colección exclusiva de viviendas junto al nacimiento del valle del rio Hudson. Diseñadas y construidas por la firma de arquitectura Lang, Hudson Woods ofrece a sus compradores … Continue reading

Hudson Wood by Lang Architecture 2 @RuarteContract

Hudson Woods, back to nature with Lang Architecture

Hudson Woods, at 70 kilometers from New York City, is a unique collection of  locally sourced dwellings in the Hudson River Valley. Designed and built by Lang Architecture, Hudson Woods offers modern, sustainable design at exceptional value to buyers. These … Continue reading

braun-gth-architekten 2 @RuarteContract

Braun und Güth Architekten gives us the last nice surprise in home design before 2015

At just one day to finish 2014, we find what is perhaps the warmest house we´ve posted about during the year. It is located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and it´s nothing but an excellent refurbishment and redesign of a … Continue reading

Luxury hotels @RuarteContract tourism design

Nature and interior design? Let´s make a quick getaway to luxury hotels with a little cool jazz

Dear friends, Friday evening, nothing but relax, figure you out at the lounge or the terrace of one of these wonderful hotels listening to “Moon river” and virtually walk all over them waiting for a chance. Health and design, nice … Continue reading

Luxury hotels @RuarteContract tourism design

¿Diseño interior y naturaleza? Vámonos de hoteles de lujo con un poco de cool jazz

Querid@s amig@s, viernes tarde, no cabe otra que relajarse, imaginarse en la zona lounge o la terraza de uno de estos maravillosos hoteles escuchando “Moon river” y pasear virtualmente por ellos en espera de la oportunidad. Salud y diseño, buen … Continue reading


What is a trendy fireplace? Make a design warm home for winter

Temperatures falling down day after day, no need to argue, we´re in mid December so why don´t you get comfortable by the fireplace? Well, you say you haven´t got a palace, no worries, just have some style and a little … Continue reading

interior_design_joan_lao_urban_loft_ @RuarteContract

Joan Lao, balance between quality, design and environment respect

Joan Lao has lately become one of the leading figures in international design world. Throughout his career he has designed furniture, public and private spaces, lighting projects and other objects. He is so versatile that he also owns his own … Continue reading


My “home” private Idaho, sustainable design

For those who saw the movie by Gus Van Sant from early 90´s, don´t worry, this post doesn´t have to do anything with that decadent view of Idaho but the wonderful environment is the same. However, the owners of this … Continue reading


Smart space distribution in modern homes, imagination and technology

We constantly listen to people figuring out the best ways to use space in apartments. Well, we´ve searched for some outstanding examples of new interior design required by city dwellers , it´s not so hard or is it? If you like … Continue reading