Back to Japanese sustainable architecture with Noah´s Ark House by Apollo Architects

Ark_Tokyo_Apollo_architecture-arquitectura en madera 2

The architecture studio Apollo Architects & Associates called this property located on West Tokyo “Noah´s ark” because of its symmetric level and its pointed roof. Everything was made in wood with a modern aesthetic that make us forget colder materials and … Continue reading

A house in Australia if you love the sea, limits, design and you´re not afraid of cliffs

Cliff House Australia @RuarteContract #nature #design #arquitectura #paisajes

This outstanding residence was designed by an architecture studio called Modscape in Victoria (Australia), a firm specialized in modular architecture. The 5-floor house is hanging of a stunning cliff and, as you may guess, its obvious name is “Cliff house”. It was built in concrete, steel and … Continue reading

Spiral staircases and wooden stairs for interiors, the secret of wood master craftsmen and carpenters

Escaleras de caracol en madera para interiores #escaliers #stairways #carpintería #ebanistas #decoracion #madera @RuarteContract 5

 This is a simple example of how to make a spiral staircase for a winery in Spain. Without many explanations, just showing you photos of the production process and the final finishing.  Spiral stairs and wooden staircases for indoors require … Continue reading

How to make wood ceilings for Saudi palaces and Spanish wineries, in 16 answers


When an architect, interior designer or a construction company wonder if they could incorporate a wood coffered ceiling in one of their rooms, they usually have some doubts turning up on this handcraft decorative element.  In spite of its great … Continue reading

We collect videos of the best wood coffered ceilings for hospitality and residential projects

Wood coffered ceilings Ruarte

For the last three years we have published many posts on hotels, interior designers and architects we collaborated with. Today we invite you to approach to the coffered ceiling world, its design process, measuring, production and setting up, as well … Continue reading

How to build and decorate in wood, by A+D Architects


Back to school after summer holidays, we´d like to make a basic review for fans of design, architecture and decoration in wood, with this family dwelling project by A+E Architecture in Hollywood Hills (blessed California). We hope this new course … Continue reading

The best wooden house of the end of the summer, by Webber + Studio Architects

tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 8

From time to time we find pieces of jewellery like this one, residences that join wood, light, style and modern design, even shoji windows in the upper floor of the interior courtyard with some kind of reminiscence to the mythical … Continue reading

Frank Lloyd Wright´s Falling Water House as never seen before

Frank Lloyds Wright casa en la cascada falling water house @RuarteContract

Can an ordinary -well, not that much- house become an art masterpiece ? Is it necessary to integrate construction and nature as some architects do or we can just turn our backs on nature and enjoy urban life at its … Continue reading

Frank Gehry: In architecture, decoration is a sin, expression is in materials

Frank Gehry Guggenheim Museum Bilbao @ruartecontract

The Canadian architect, Pritzker Prize winner who surprises all of us when we are before his buildings, received this month the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts 2014 in Spain at 85 years old. I would say that Frank … Continue reading

3D printers into our life, technology and innovation to customize everything?

Building-3D-Printed-House-in-Amsterdam-Video 3D print Canal House @RuarteContract

It was five years ago when I listened to Philip Kotler, the Father of marketing, saying during a marketing congress -on a video from his house in Florida- that marketing, as he understood it decades ago and as we have … Continue reading