Tomas Alia, between the arab style decoration and the innovation in interior design and materials

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We´ll start talking about Tomás Alia, interior designer, he declared in the last February issue of Vanity Fair “ my style is very recognizable, risky, because I like diving although I respect the past, I don´t like historicist interior design, but I respect it. I face the future, examine materials and I do my best to combine them in a harmonious way”.

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Tomás Alía (Lagartera, Toledo 1964) is a lover of interior design and Arab decoration, he has even used this tradition when he designed his own house, always mixing conventional materials with other more modern or innovative. His mother, Pepita Alía, was recognized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo for her careful craftsmanship as Ambassadress of the embroidery of Lagartera. Tomás Alia recently declared, that maybe the excessive Baroque in the embroideries as well as in Castilian indoor with ceramic tiles and clay tiles and handcrafted wooden coffered ceilings caused him a rebound effect “to colder spaces”.

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Oscar Room Mate Hotel, Madrid

After more than 20 years of successful design projects of housing, restaurants and hotels in Madrid and other Spanish cities, in the last years Alía undertook to expand internationally. He achieved it with a remarkably short time thanks to the development of hotels such as Room Mate in Amsterdam, Mexico D.F. and Buenos Aires, as well as his steady entrance in Qatar, where he has carried out the ornamentation of the Emir´s palace of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Al Thani, a building with occupies a wide area of 54.000 square meters. This is a further example of how “Spain brand” consolidates when we sell our products abroad. When we talk about architecture and interior design the main requirement is the establishment abroad through a subsidiary company to provide a fast, efficient and high-quality customer service.

Markets such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Morocco, where he lives the most of the year, have contributed to create a worldwide linkage with architecture professionals, engineers and project managers in large – scale projects, learning other ways to develop working and managed to participate in exclusiveness projects with a high level of development.

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Hotel Riad Dar Badia Asilah, Maroc

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tomas alia diseño interior larios cafe madrid @RuarteContract

Cafe Larios, Madrid


Click on the pictures to see our last high-end residence in downtown Madrid

Decoración vivienda Madrid Luis Puerta y Ruarte Contract

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Decoración vivienda Madrid Luis Puerta y Ruarte Contract18


The leit motiv of Tomás Alía Studio is based on teamwork, in an innovative and functional atmosphere that lets develop and solve all kind of projects and difficulties. Tomás Alía is an interior architecture studio but also well balanced on industrial design, graphic design and the creation of temporary exhibition spaces.

Some of his most remarkable projects are Room Mate and Relais Chateaux boutique hotel chains, the Cafe Larios in Madrid -for which he was awarded with the Spanish National Prize of Architecture 2000- or more recently, the interior design of the olimpic stadium in Doha for Qatar Foundation, an architecture project leaded by RFA Architects.