Discover Thailand with Design Hotels, nature and minimal design for a slowlife experience

Red pool at The Library Hotel Thailand @RuarteContract

Design Hotels represents more than 260 independent hotels among 50 countries all over the world. It’s something beyond a simple hotel chain, the properties at Design Hotels elevate your vacation to an artistic experience that not only deals with decoration but with exceptional locations, extraordinary shapes and surfaces, play of lights and shadows… in conclusion, an experience that shoots the guest’s senses in rooms and other spaces. Each property reflects the philosophy of the passion for authentic hospitality in an artistic and cultural ambiance.


The company was founded by Claus Sendlinger in 1993 and their headquartes are located in Berlin while there are subsidiaries at London, Barcelona, New York, Singapore and Perth.

Play Mr. Old Blue Eyes and get relaxed

Today we’re showing 3 hotels located at the smile country, Thailand.

Occupying the first position, The Library, wonderfully located at Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui. With an elegant an minimal structure, this 26 suites complex was designed by the architect and interior designer Tirawan Songsawat, her slogan was “‘Simple décor doesn’t mean there is no design’.



The pure white all over the surfaces of the property amazingly highlights the unique shiny red pool. Guests can use books, music and films on their own at the library.

The forest all around, the white purity and the lively beach are there to make the vacation a unique experience.


Second example, The Naka Phuket , an exclusive property, located in an ancient valley on the western area of the island. The complex is exclusively composed of luxury villas giving the guest a relaxing experience perfectly integrated into the nature. Duangrit Bunnag is one of the most known architects in Thailand.

This complex is famous because of the discreetness of its service and its high quality, because of the privacy and because of winning the reputation of the authentic Thai hospitality.






The third place is occupied by La Casa de la Flora , an example of urban design located in a heaven of rest at Khao Lak cliffs. The designers are VaSLab Arquitecture, commisioned by one of the most important bussines man in Thailand, Mr Sompong Dowpiset. The only requirement to the architect was that the complex should have only pool villas with most sea views as possible.




The villas, with the glass front facade, show minimal interiors, highlighting the concrete surfaces, the natural stone walls and the wood floors and ceilings.

All Images from Design Hotels.