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Decoración y amueblamiento finca Extremadura, interiorismo y arquitectura interior en madera 9 @RuarteContract

Decoration and furnishing of a hunting state and country house in Extremadura, Spain

2016 has luckily surprised us running several projects with new friends as the owners of this hunting lodge located in Extremadura, Spain, for which finishings they chose wood turn-key decoration with stairs, beams, gates and kitchen made in pine and … Continue reading

Ark_Tokyo_Apollo_architecture-arquitectura en madera 2

Back to Japanese sustainable architecture with Noah´s Ark House by Apollo Architects

The architecture studio Apollo Architects & Associates called this property located on West Tokyo “Noah´s ark” because of its symmetric level and its pointed roof. Everything was made in wood with a modern aesthetic that make us forget colder materials and … Continue reading

Wood coffered ceilings Ruarte

We collect videos of the best wood coffered ceilings for hospitality and residential projects

For the last three years we have published many posts on hotels, interior designers and architects we collaborated with. Today we invite you to approach to the coffered ceiling world, its design process, measuring, production and setting up, as well … Continue reading

Frank Lloyds Wright casa en la cascada falling water house @RuarteContract

Frank Lloyd Wright´s Falling Water House as never seen before

Can an ordinary -well, not that much- house become an art masterpiece ? Is it necessary to integrate construction and nature as some architects do or we can just turn our backs on nature and enjoy urban life at its … Continue reading

Cultura bookstore Studio mk27@RuarteContract (Small)

The 14 most stunning buildings in 2015

Arch Daily, the prestigious architectural website, formulates since 2009 a ranking with the 14 buildings that stand for the best architecture of 2015 spread out all over the world. This selection reflects the opinion of 31.000 architects and architecture lovers, … Continue reading

Madrid Excelente @RuarteContract

Ruarte Contract, only furniture and high decoration company awarded with Madrid Excelente brand and quality seal

Last January, the Madrid regional Government awarded our company Ruakin S.L. and our high-decoration projects line Ruarte Contract, with the “Madrid Excelente” brand seal, which recognizes and certifies quality and excellence in company management with the aim to promote competitiveness … Continue reading

Hudson Wood by Lang Architecture 2 @RuarteContract

Hudson Woods, back to nature with Lang Architecture

Hudson Woods, at 70 kilometers from New York City, is a unique collection of  locally sourced dwellings in the Hudson River Valley. Designed and built by Lang Architecture, Hudson Woods offers modern, sustainable design at exceptional value to buyers. These … Continue reading

Paper emergency shelter, Port-au-Prince, Haiti , Shigeru Ban @RuarteContract

Shigeru Ban reviewed, Japanese, environmentally and socially committed Pritzker Prize

Japanese architect, committed with the victims of humanitarian disasters, pioneer of the sustainable construction, humble traveller, Ruanda and Soho NY, paper and cardboard houses and the Swatch new headquarters, Shigeru Ban is all of that and more. Get amazed while … Continue reading

Building-3D-Printed-House-in-Amsterdam-Video 3D print Canal House @RuarteContract

3D printers into our life, technology and innovation to customize everything?

It was five years ago when I listened to Philip Kotler, the Father of marketing, saying during a marketing congress -on a video from his house in Florida- that marketing, as he understood it decades ago and as we have … Continue reading

Luxury hotels @RuarteContract tourism design

Nature and interior design? Let´s make a quick getaway to luxury hotels with a little cool jazz

Dear friends, Friday evening, nothing but relax, figure you out at the lounge or the terrace of one of these wonderful hotels listening to “Moon river” and virtually walk all over them waiting for a chance. Health and design, nice … Continue reading