Madrid Excelente @RuarteContract

Ruarte Contract, only furniture and high decoration company awarded with Madrid Excelente brand and quality seal

Last January, the Madrid regional Government awarded our company Ruakin S.L. and our high-decoration projects line Ruarte Contract, with the “Madrid Excelente” brand seal, which recognizes and certifies quality and excellence in company management with the aim to promote competitiveness … Continue reading

Madrid Excelente @RuarteContract

Ruarte Contract, única empresa de alta decoración con la marca de calidad Madrid Excelente

El Gobierno de la Comunidad de Madrid concedió el pasado mes de enero a nuestra empresa Ruakin S.L. y nuestra línea de proyectos de alta decoración Ruarte Contract la marca de calidad Madrid Excelente, que reconoce y certifica la excelencia … Continue reading