Horeq Madrid 2016 and Ruarte Contract, pushing forward the hotel industry and contract specifiers

Once again, during FITUR 2016 (from January 20th to 24th) one of the main tourism fair of Europe, takes place HOREQ 2016 (from January 20th- 22nd) it´s the Hotel and Tourism Industry Suppliers Trade Show in which Ruarte Contract attends … Continue reading

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_41604848_650x H10 Duque de Loulé (Lisboa, Portugal) @RuarteContract Conde Nast

Conde Nast reveals the top 25 hotels worldwide

Once again this summer, Conde Nast Traveler launched its hot list of openings and updates in the hospitality sector that demanding travelers like you shouldn´t miss. By the way, half of the projects are located in Spain, we´re on the … Continue reading

Hotel Ritz8@Ruarte.Contract

Ritz and Palace, two legendary luxury hotels, history of Madrid and Spain

The Ritz Hotel is part of Madrid´s history. The King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, after travelling around Europe, realised the lack of a luxury hotel in the Spanish capital and that´s how he became one of the main promotors of … Continue reading

Diseño, construcción e instalación de decoración en madera, artesonados, puertas y mueble Restaurante Castillo de Izán Burgos @RuarteContract (17) (Medium)

Restaurant “Castillo de Izán”: Masterclass on how to make wood coffered ceilings and high-end decoration

The grill restaurant “Castillo de Izán”, opened at the end of 2014 by the group Asadores Aranda de Duero in Burgos (Spain), is without any doubt one of the best examples of how using high decoration in wood enables the … Continue reading

Hotel Julia Madrid

Hotel contract, key factors, trade shows, events and organizations worldwide

A decade ago, many people began to wonder about the hotel contract channel as a feasible business way for their companies (also called hospitality in the English-speaking world). Contract is well known as a growing sales channel for companies with … Continue reading

Hotel spa Infante don juan manuel belmonte cuenca decoración piscina @RuarteContract

An outstanding Hotel Spa by the medieval castle of Belmonte, to celebrate the 400 aniversary of the 2nd part of Don Quixote de la Mancha

Very close to El Toboso, native place of Dulcinea, windmills of Campo de Criptana and Alcazar de San Juan, we find Belmonte and its imposing medieval castle very famous for the medieval fights world cup and its annual medieval festival. … Continue reading

desguaces la torre

A complete renovation of the coffee shop and restaurant of the largest carscraping company in Spain

Desguaces La Torre, located in Madrid, is without any doubt the largest carscraping and authorized dealer of second-hand car components in Spain and from now on has got a new restaurant and coffee shop for customers and employees. The design project, … Continue reading