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Furniture isaloni 2015 Gofram @RuarteContract

I Saloni Milan 2015 revisited in summer with the most appealing designs

We do know, it is summer and you just want to relax but have a look at these photos of the best seen at the International Furniture Fair in Milan 2015, the famous I Saloni Milano and Milan Design Week, … Continue reading

Glasitalia Philip Starck 3 @RuarteContract

The cutting-edge glass furniture of Glasitalia by Philippe Starck and Tokujin Yoshioka

Today, we´d like to approach you the new collections of the Italian brand Glasitalia, a prestigious design brand for the glass chairs and other pieces developed by two worldclass designers like the Japanese Tokujin Yoshioka and the French Philippe Starck. … Continue reading

casa-decor-2014-salon-comedor-carrillo @RuarteContract

Here comes the spring and the fresh interior design at Casa Decor Madrid 2015

Casa Decor, the largest event of decoration and interior design in Spain reaches its 50th edition and to conmemorate it, the organizers have chosen a great historical building located in Malasaña (a neighbourhood in downtown Madrid), specifically on La Palma … Continue reading

Hotel Julia Madrid

Hotel contract, key factors, trade shows, events and organizations worldwide

A decade ago, many people began to wonder about the hotel contract channel as a feasible business way for their companies (also called hospitality in the English-speaking world). Contract is well known as a growing sales channel for companies with … Continue reading

tomas alia diseño interior 2 @RuarteContract

Tomas Alia, between the arab style decoration and the innovation in interior design and materials

We´ll start talking about Tomás Alia, interior designer, he declared in the last February issue of Vanity Fair “ my style is very recognizable, risky, because I like diving although I respect the past, I don´t like historicist interior design, … Continue reading

balcony house a-cero arquitectos Joaquín Torres @RuarteContract

A-cero, more than a renowned Spanish architect. Coherence, team and international strategy

Talking about the main features that we can highlight from A-cero Architects Studio, led by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, these are their minimalism and functionality as main footprint on every project. This firm develops a modern architecture based on … Continue reading

Vivienda Madrid @RuarteContract LuisPuerta decoración arquitectura interior4

The elegant design and the measured luxury of Luis Puerta and Ruarte Contract on this residence in Madrid

The leitmotif of the Spanish interior designer Luis Puerta is, as he estates, to create serene and peaceful interiors, elegant and timeless, in an eclectic style with influences of the great decorators of the 20th century and a feel for … Continue reading

Building-3D-Printed-House-in-Amsterdam-Video 3D print Canal House @RuarteContract

3D printers into our life, technology and innovation to customize everything?

It was five years ago when I listened to Philip Kotler, the Father of marketing, saying during a marketing congress -on a video from his house in Florida- that marketing, as he understood it decades ago and as we have … Continue reading


What is a trendy fireplace? Make a design warm home for winter

Temperatures falling down day after day, no need to argue, we´re in mid December so why don´t you get comfortable by the fireplace? Well, you say you haven´t got a palace, no worries, just have some style and a little … Continue reading


Smart space distribution in modern homes, imagination and technology

We constantly listen to people figuring out the best ways to use space in apartments. Well, we´ve searched for some outstanding examples of new interior design required by city dwellers , it´s not so hard or is it? If you like … Continue reading