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Decoración, techos artesonados, muebles y puertas en madera de fresno, vivienda de lujo Alicante #amueblamiento #interiorismo #interiores #madera 11 @RuarteContract

Luxury residence in Alicante, Spain, ceilings, doors and furniture in ash wood

We would like to present you this outstanding luxury residence located in Alicante, Spain, decorated and furnished in ash wood, for which the customer and friend demanded a wide range of wood coffered ceilings, some of them with lightened stained … Continue reading


How to make wood ceilings for Saudi palaces and Spanish wineries, in 16 answers

When an architect, interior designer or a construction company wonder if they could incorporate a wood coffered ceiling in one of their rooms, they usually have some doubts turning up on this handcraft decorative element.  In spite of its great … Continue reading

Wood coffered ceilings Ruarte

We collect videos of the best wood coffered ceilings for hospitality and residential projects

For the last three years we have published many posts on hotels, interior designers and architects we collaborated with. Today we invite you to approach to the coffered ceiling world, its design process, measuring, production and setting up, as well … Continue reading

Diseño, construcción e instalación de decoración en madera, artesonados, puertas y mueble Restaurante Castillo de Izán Burgos @RuarteContract (17) (Medium)

Restaurant “Castillo de Izán”: Masterclass on how to make wood coffered ceilings and high-end decoration

The grill restaurant “Castillo de Izán”, opened at the end of 2014 by the group Asadores Aranda de Duero in Burgos (Spain), is without any doubt one of the best examples of how using high decoration in wood enables the … Continue reading

moby house hollywood @RuarteContract

Discover Moby´s home in Los Angeles. So modern, so classic

Sometimes extremes get in touch and, perhaps, if we thought about the kind of residence for an electronic pop megastar like Moby, we wouldn´t figure him out living under classic and handcrafted wooden coffered ceilings, collecting globes in a quiet … Continue reading

bodega-pesquera-condado de haza escalera 2 @RuarteContract

Why construction of wineries and wood must be in perfect harmony beyond titanium and curtain wall

Today we want to launch a rising discussion in the architecture´s world, above all after Frank Gehry´s reaction during the press conference at the Prince of Asturias Awards 2014, when he was asked about “show-architecture” and delighted us with a … Continue reading


Ruarte in the branding and decoration of the Spanish restaurants Asador de Aranda

Everybody in Spain knows the gastronomic secret of the prestigious restaurant chain Asador de Aranda, specialized in roast lamb cooked in a clay oven, but not many clients know that the warm and comfortable atmosphere and strong brand image through … Continue reading


Evolving wood ceilings for architecture in this new century

In home design we are lately obsessed by the idea of throwing down the walls, set enormous glass windows as screens to get nature inside or maybe to be watched… Anyway, the reflect of nature can be celebrated above us, … Continue reading