Stunning houses to go through the winter… Or not

Unique houses @RuarteContract

We don´t want to disturb you today either with a Pritzker Prize winner´s life or with our last hotel or restaurant to be furnished. Today, since it´s Saturday and as a humble gift for your friendship, just photos (that we know we´re going straight to the “homo graphicus” at a dizzy speed). Allez, en profitez !!

We have embebbed this tiny musical discovery that we´d like to share with you to make a pleasant stay at these houses and our blog. Share beauty and you will be happy.

By the way, they are examples of homes that you -no doubt- must have mentally designed at least once in your life just in case…

Unique houses 5 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 6 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 7 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 8 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 9 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 10 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 11 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 2 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 3 @RuarteContract


Unique houses 4 @RuarteContract


High end decoration in wood by Ruarte Contract


Click on the picture to see coffered ceilings

Handcrafted staircase Ruarte Contract

Click on the picture to see wood staircases