Here comes the spring and the fresh interior design at Casa Decor Madrid 2015

casa-decor-2014-salon-comedor-carrillo @RuarteContract

Casa Decor, the largest event of decoration and interior design in Spain reaches its 50th edition and to conmemorate it, the organizers have chosen a great historical building located in Malasaña (a neighbourhood in downtown Madrid), specifically on La Palma Street, 10,  where you can visit Casa Decor 2015 from April 30 to June 7.

Video of Casa Decor highlights 2013

Since 1992, Casa Decor is a great exhibition of interior design and decoration that consists of  an iconic building´s restoration in big cities as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia where decoration projects are shown in true spaces like in a magazine and where public can know them first hand, as well as the products from large commercial firms. No doubt it is a great tool to give visibility and promote excellent professionals from different industries.

casa-decor-2014-auditorio-bringas-y-bellod premios @RuarteContract

Winner of the Jury Prize Casa Decor 2014  – Bringas & Bellod and Marta Maldonado

Casa Decor is a perfect platform for free artistic creation of interior designers, decorators, interior architects, artists, landscapers… Their diverse proposals are a source of inspiration for all those ones who come to visit this great exhibition and would love to have a comfortable, sustainable, cozy and functional home. This big event has got a great mass media coverage and it´s perfect to promote professionals as well as large firms can promote their products and services as it provides a direct contact with the customers.

casa-decor-2014-cocina-steven-littlehales-linea @RuarteContract

Steven Littlehales won the audience award Casa Decor 2014

The origin of this building was to be the Royal Waxes Factory, the remains that stay from that age are the neogothic façade and some interior elements. The building has got 2.600 squared meters with basement and 4 floors. When the building was restored, the skylight of the central courtyard was recovered, as well as some wood and metallic components. It has got a rooftop with wide areas for restaurants and terraces with stunning views of the city.

With this edition, Casa Decor wants to become an active participant organizing social, cultural and solidarity events. There will be a musical programme with concerts, lectures and wine and food tastings, also an art gallery where it will be possible the direct shopping of photographs, paintings and sculptures of the artists. There will be also writers meetings, a private dining room for 12 people maximum and many activities…

casa-decor-2014-espacio-hisbalit-zooco @RuarteContract

Second most voted space, Casa Decor 2014 – Zooco Estudio

casa-decor-2014-fundacion-bobath-dafne-vijande @RuarteContract

Special mention of the jury, Casa Decor 2014 – Dafne Vijande

casa-decor-2014-gabinete-de-dibujo-jean-porsche @RuarteContract

Special mention of the jury, Casa Decor 2014 – Jean Porsche

casa-decor-2014-salon-diego-rodriguez @RuarteContract

Honour mention, Casa Decor 2014 – Diego Rodríguez

Presentation of the building on La Palma Street, 10, for Casa Decor 2015

Definitely, you can´t miss this ideal opportunity to get to know the last trends in decoration and interior design. It is a must if you are in Spain during this month.