Smart space distribution in modern homes, imagination and technology


We constantly listen to people figuring out the best ways to use space in apartments. Well, we´ve searched for some outstanding examples of new interior design required by city dwellers , it´s not so hard or is it?

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Now, make your choice on tiny apartments.


Candem Town, London

A suspended bed to win space in a cutting edge apartment with a roof terrace and not so modern if you pass by the fachade.



staircase-suspended-bed-rooftopAnd the unexpected fachade…brick-front-home


Photos via : jjlocations




Studio in East Village, New York City, the dream of New York dwellers looking for a functional apartment in Manhattan, with a bed up on the staircase and the stairs offering a second use. Here you just need friends and a good conversation with a cup of coffee or tea.



Render of the East Village studio




Photos via : JPDA, Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture


And finally, the high tech lands on home design with Yo!Home, making expand small spaces as his founder, Simon Woodroffe, estates in this video and making life a little easier. A visionary, a dreamer or a man with a clear idea of future trends and needs?




bedroom alevator


The bedroom elevator just by pressing a switch


A shower turns into a hot tub

Mechanical Japanese dining room with sliding doors

Mechanical Japanese dining room with sliding doors2And the hidden Japanese dining room with its sliding doors and seats at the floor level

Photos via : Yo!Home

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