Ruarte in the branding and decoration of the Spanish restaurants Asador de Aranda


Everybody in Spain knows the gastronomic secret of the prestigious restaurant chain Asador de Aranda, specialized in roast lamb cooked in a clay oven, but not many clients know that the warm and comfortable atmosphere and strong brand image through restaurants design are largely due to the deep collaboration between Asador de Aranda and Ruarte for the last three decades, having succeeded Ruarte in the development of interior design, decoration and installation of all the wood works -from coffered ceilings, staircases, bars and doors in noble wood to all the pieces of furniture in the place-, all displayed in almost thirty Asadores de Aranda all over Spain in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or Valladolid.

Restaurantes Asador de Aranda por Ruarte Contract

The absolutely recognizable image of Restaurants Asador de Aranda, and therefore, a good part of the company´s brand image has been pushed forward for the last three decades thanks to the excellent service and food available -all in the best imaginable Castilian way of the typical “asador”- and to a perfect relationship customer-supplier, a relationship that as David Ruiz, CEO of Ruarte, estates goes much further than the commercial issue to constitute some kind of familiar commercial loyalty partnership between both families.

In these videos, David Ruiz helps us to understant how to conceive projects of this magnitude, how to face the interior architecture and design, the construction issues and installation of every piece according to the needs of each restaurant, always respecting the traditional decoration that Ruarte has consolidated through years for Restaurants Asador de Aranda.

The technical complexity and sometimes large surface of the coffered or glass ceilings, the bars and the wooden staircases never mean an unconvinience in transport and installation due to the modern systems used for their assembly and the wide experience reached by Ruarte, in all cases offering the handcrafted style touch that characterizes the company in this kind of hotel, restaurant and residential projects and that you may check in our projects section.

Restaurantes Asador de Aranda por Ruarte Contract 2

Restaurantes Asador de Aranda por Ruarte Contract 3