Ruarte Contract, only furniture and high decoration company awarded with Madrid Excelente brand and quality seal

Madrid Excelente @RuarteContract

Last January, the Madrid regional Government awarded our company Ruakin S.L. and our high-decoration projects line Ruarte Contract, with the “Madrid Excelente” brand seal, which recognizes and certifies quality and excellence in company management with the aim to promote competitiveness of the business network.

“Madrid Excelente” quality seal doesn´t focus on a product or a service, but analyses the overall quality of business management, that is to say, the company is studied from 360º perspective.

“Madrid Excelente” recognizes companies that support innovation and constant improvement, that satisfy their customers and employees and make an active contribution towards social and economic development.

We are proud to become part of the family of accredited companies with the “Madrid Excelente” seal of quality, among them you may find the best Spanish companies. What is more, we´re delighted to be the single company devoted to furniture and high decoration, what motivates us to keep on getting better every day for the benefit of our friends and customers.