Philippe Starck, any bigger Star in Design World ?


” Elegance of the design is just elegance of the intelligence and elegance of the minimum…, the elegance of a footprint everywhere”. That´s the French designer Philippe Starck speaking about design and innovation in the next video.

 Philippe Starck, son of an aeronautics engineer, dived down in design industry from the beginning to leave his footprints in architecture, as he did with his inflatable house in 1969, or fashion, working for Pierre Cardin as the artistic manager of their publishing house.

After founding his industrial design company, Starck Product, he started to get customers like Kartell, Alessi, Driade, Drimmer or Vitra, some of the most innovative interior design firms in Europe.

Miss Less chair for Kartell, Philippe Starck

“Miss Less” chair for Kartell at I Saloni Milan 2011


“Magic hole” chair for Kartell

In 1983, Starck refurbished the private apartment of the President of France -François Mitterrand- at the Élysée, which was definitely seen as a public recognition of his talent.


Detail of the French President François Mitterrand´s bedroom at the Élysée in Paris

Furniture, decoration, architecture, urban furniture, kitchen, tableware, clothing, accessories, toys, glassware, graphic design, publishing and even food! Nowadays, Starck a main brand in industrial design worldwide and his signature is chasen by brands to promote their items and increase their added value.

Gun lamp by Phillipe Starck2Fossil watch by Philippe Starck

“Gun lamp” and Fossil watch, Philippe Starck

Getting back to architecture and interior design, we would like to remark some examples like the Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo and the Alhondiga, a cultural and venue center in Bilbao, opened in 2010. If you wonder about infraestructures, you may visit the new Port Adriano in Mallorca (2012), both the outside and interior design, and staying in the sea, he designed Venus, Steve Jobs yacht, finally launched in 2012.


Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo

Centro cultural y deportivo Alhondiga2

Centro cultural y deportivo Alhondiga

Alhondiga Cultural and Sports Center in Bilbao, Spain

Port Adriano Marina, Mallorca

The luxurious Port Adriano Marina in Mallorca, Spain


“Venus”, Steve Jobs’ s yatch


“Venus”, on its launching day in Holland, October 18 2012,

before Steve Jobs´s widow and sons

Interior design of hotels and restaurants have reached an absolute prevailing market share in his hard working agenda and portfolio.

Some of the hotels we should stop for a look when we pass by -and much better, stay- are

Mama Shelter Istanbul3

Mama Shelter Istanbul2

Mama Shelter Hotel, Istanbul


SLS South Beach, Miami

For a time out and the best food or a drink in a pleasant atmosphere, we would suggest you

Lan Restaurant Beijing3

Lan Restaurant Beijing5Lan Restaurant Beijing2 Lan Restaurant, Beijing

Volar Club Shanghai2

Volar Club Shanghai

 Volar Club, Shanghai

Le paradis du fruit, Philippe Starck5

Le paradis du fruit, Philippe Starck

Le paradis du fruit, Philippe Starck2

Le paradis du fruit, Philippe Starck3

“Le Paradis du Fruit” Restaurant, Paris

Now, after checking his portfolio, is Philippe Starck the best interior designer in Europe and maybe in the world nowadays?

Let us know your opinion.

Who is the best to you?

Nice weekend !