Natevo, crowdfunding lands on design furniture in I Saloni Milan 2013

Nuvola by Natevo

During I Saloni Milan 2013, a couple of weeks ago, we discovered  Natevo, one of those examples of innovation, talent and new business models that are crossing from the virtual and digital world to the real world of products with its always hard to develop online “touch and feel”. The biggest international furniture fair worldwide welcomed this outstanding project with a 360º marketing and business plan. Who said furniture wouldn´t be able to make conversion online? Here we go !

Natevo iSaloni Milan 1

The first show of Natevo in I Saloni Milan has mixed home furniture and lightening inside a cutting edge and welcoming booth in which this new brand, conceived by Flou  furniture group, combines succesfully furniture and lightening by making both elements share the same concept and by giving entity to the accessory, as they did before with the home textile brand “Nathalie”. In the case of Natevo, the introduction of LED in furniture pieces lets create new home atmospheres and constitute new ligh sources, no matter the place the pieces are placed in the room.

Natevo iSaloni Milan 2

Getting back to the basic idea used to build up Natevo´s collection, that is no other than design socialization through crowdfunding inside a web platform fully focused on this purpose, so professionals and fans of design become sponsors of any piece and may receive back certain profits, all of it depending on the reach of  a minimum amount required to produce and market the furniture piece.

Natevo iSaloni Milan 3

As internet and marketing addicts, we know transversal crowdfunding sites in which you may find financial sponsoring for such different projects as a short movie, a TV report about Amazonas and a new cards game but nobody has dared so far to go on through to design and furniture production, with its known and usual logistic, market niche and price drawbacks.

The match begins in Italy -once again- and if it works, do not hesitate that it will become a worlwide trend.

Next, you can admire some pieces searching for sponsor on Natevo´s site. Bona sera ! 

Plettro by Natevo

Nuvola by Natevo

cclight by Natevo