Joan Lao, balance between quality, design and environment respect

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Joan Lao has lately become one of the leading figures in international design world. Throughout his career he has designed furniture, public and private spaces, lighting projects and other objects. He is so versatile that he also owns his own palette (by Valentine) based in the colour of the sands, nature, stones, sea waters… his works are not limited to create a space or an object but to fulfill an emotional and perdurable answer to a need. For him the important thing is not the project dimension but the conceptual part of it.

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Design and furniture in a loft


Ses Pitreras Hotel

 Joan Lao’s creations must be born from a reason why the object should be created, giving it the maximum importance to the right fit in the surrounding nature and, of course, environmental sustainablility.



“El Bulli” restaurant, Ferrán Adrià and Joan Lao, talent and innovation

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Dining room for Andreu World

design_furniture_ettica_21_joan_lao_ @RuarteContract

Sofa for Ettica 21

Furthermore, all Joan Lao´s production is influenced by aesthetic oriental movements. His finishings are clearly Asiatic, identified by the natural ageing. This ageing produces those inimitables patinas, colours and textures.

 Another key factor in his production is the perdurability. For Joan Lao, the temporary fashion is a very irresponsible fact, the earth asks for a commitment with its resources because they are limited. Everything must have a sense to be integrated in the environment and has to generate less residues. Joan Lao can be considered one of the first Spanish designers truly commited with ecology and sustainability, what is more, he assures that this is design’s future.


Colour palette for Valenti, the Pantone as an extension of nature

As we said, Joan Lao vividly banks on the emotional part of the product, everything has to be a part of the harmonic whole joining functionality and social commitment with emotional beauty (visual, tactile, olfactory parts, “if the aroma is not good the set does not work”)


Design with all senses !

This versatile designer has afforded himself investigate in areas like chemistry to develop aromas. For him and his emotional creations, the smell has therapeutic effects and each one has its own application: to work, to relax, to make love…


High-end wood decoration by Ruarte Contract


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Handcrafted staircase Ruarte Contract

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Beach house

 His interior designs and architecture projects have made him famous worldwide, mainly private houses and appartments, hotels and commercial establishments. In his long professional career he has signed more than 3000 projects, among which we can highlight: El Bulli restaurant and Ferran Adriá´s studio or the development of brand image in stores for Carolina Herrera and Victorio & Lucchino.

Photos via Joan Lao