The company Ruarte Contract was founded by Jesús Ruiz Galán in 1989, after developing his career in the furniture industry since the age of 14 as a trainee, operator, production manager and designer with more than 100 employees under his responsability.

Ruarte Contract Factory

Initially conceived as a family business focused on the manufacture of furniture, the brand Ruarte Contract started to gradually gain recognition in design, production and service on installations for contract projects in hotels, restaurants, villas, wine cellars and franchises, in which we develop high-end wooden works and furniture supplies in Spain and abroad.

Our international experience has been developed in demanding markets like Germany and Switzerland, where since the 90’s we are present with collections of furniture distributed in important chains and that are specially designed according to market trends, as a result of the colaboration with local designers who help us to know our customers and market needs.

During the 90’s, the factory was extended up to over 3000 m2 in order to face new markets, to finally build a new factory with modern machinery to keep on doing handcrafted works and to begin exhibiting in national and international furniture fairs. In the last years, Ruarte Contract has reached a general recognition, obtaining several prizes like the Innovation Award given by AFAMID (Association of Furniture Industry of the Autonomous Community of Madrid), thanks to the proper mix between traditional furniture and the most modern trends in a wide catalogue of products and services, as a clear bet on the international dimension of the company.

Nowadays, we are working with interior designers, architects and developers in the decoration of hotels, villas, franchise establishments, restaurants, etc, manteining the development of modern furniture collections and of course with our flagship, the high-end handcrafted wooden works that so much satisfaction bring us after the appreciation of our friends and customers.

In Ruarte Contract the customer is an essential part of our business model, creating the projects in close collaboration, and as its consequence here it is the contract catalogue that we present you here. Enjoy it, we hope to meet you soon.