Discover Moby´s home in Los Angeles. So modern, so classic

moby house hollywood @RuarteContract

Sometimes extremes get in touch and, perhaps, if we thought about the kind of residence for an electronic pop megastar like Moby, we wouldn´t figure him out living under classic and handcrafted wooden coffered ceilings, collecting globes in a quiet residence with a pool and a garden to care of.

Just perhaps, because the multiplatinum-selling musician and photographer Moby has filled his Hollywood Hills castle, Wolf´s Lair, with vintage globes and cameras, some of his own pictures and art by friends. A haven of peace to create works like his brilliant -always- “Innocents”.

moby house hollywood 2 @RuarteContract

moby house hollywood 3 @RuarteContract

 Moby´s pictures and friends´paintings on the walls in a living room finished up with wooden joints and ceiling

moby house hollywood 4 @RuarteContract

 Square shaped coffered ceiling and wooden floor with a fountain over the window

moby house hollywood 5 @RuarteContract

 Nature and daylight inside the house through large glass windows

moby house hollywood 6 coffered ceilings @RuarteContract

Coffered ceilings and Moby´s collection of vintage globes

moby house hollywood 7 staircase @RuarteContract

 Wood staircase to the upper floor

moby house hollywood 8 staircase @RuarteContract


moby house hollywood 10 los angeles pool @RuarteContract

 Natural-shape swimming pool


 Wood coffered ceilings Ruarte

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Photos via Los Angeles Times