Salvatore Ferragamo leaves his mark in his luxury hotels in Florence and Rome

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 3

We´re living eclectic times, with crossover trends, keywords that everybody learns, some remain in dictionaries and the rest fade away absorbed by the following one. A fast and wide world that everybody can access through a click, but just few artists can manage several disciplines brilliantly ( we won´t talk about humanism since we should go back to books, those forgotten objects).

In Italy, cradle of the Rennaissance and humanists, it´s taking place an exciting return to the multi-discipline in the design world, with masters like Giorgio Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo jumping from fashion and accessories to the haute couture hotêliere without any shame and with outstanding results. Ferragamo family got it with Lungarno Collection, a unique serie of palazzo hotels and luxury apartments strategically located in Rome and Florence. Salvatore Ferragamo was born in Florence, La Toscana capital, in 1927 and after living in the US he came back to his city and opened Salvatore Ferragamo´s  workshop in the Spini Ferroni Palace with views to Arno river, where Lungarno Collection has got four hotels that fulfil the more demanding customers´ expectations worldwide.

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia

Elegant finishings in white and clear wood at one of the Lungarno Collection hotels

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia y Roma

Terrace of the Hotel Continentale Florence by river Arno

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 2

Room of Hotel Lungarno Florence

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 3

Lobby of Hotel Lungarno Florence, with its unusual home touch

The last one to open its doors was Portrait Hotel in 2014, it offers amazing views over Ponte Vecchio, 37 suites and studio apartments with a very simple and stylish decoration, far from what you would expect in Florence.

There is a chance to dispose of a personal chef in all rooms, that will offer a service fully personalized to customers. Moreover, a great part of the staff of Portrait Florencia have a degree in Art History,  Pshicology and other disciplines with no relation with tourism and certainly provides customers a different view and hospitality.

The other three hotels of Lungarno collection in Florence are “Lungarno Hotel” in front of Portrait, where original artworks of Picasso and Cocteau are exhibited, besides of showing furniture and classic carpets in contrast to a modern decoration; “Continentale Hotel” has got multiple design features of the 50s and an impressive terrace at the top floor and “The Gallery Hotel Art” with important collections of original photographs in large frameworks and the successful and gorgeous Fusion restaurant.

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 4

Room at Hotel Portrait Florence with views of Ponte Vecchio

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 5

Simple and elegant decor of a suite at the Portrait Florence

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 6

Bathroom of Ponte Vecchio Suite Master at Hotel Portrait Florence


Click on the picture to see our last high-end wood decor project, the Restaurant ”Castillo de Izán” in Northern Spain

Diseño, construcción e instalación de decoración en madera, techos, puertas y mueble Restaurante Castillo de Izán Burgos @RuarteContract (17) (Medium)


On their behalf, talking about hotels the presence of the Ferragamo family in Rome took shape in Portrait Hotel Roma, no less than 17 suites next to Via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna, and the staircase of Trinitá dei Monti, often setting for movies where its decoration is inspired of, as a tribute to the famous Dolce Vita.

We´ll talk in our next post about the Armani hotels in Dubai and Milan, certainly they´re in the same league of the brand they stand for.

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 7

Magnificent views of Piazza d’Espagna from a room of Portrait Hotel Roma

Salvatore Ferragamo hotel Continentale Florencia 8

Terrace of Portrait Hotel Roma

Images via Ocho Leguas