Conde Nast reveals the top 25 hotels worldwide

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_41604848_650x H10 Duque de Loulé (Lisboa, Portugal) @RuarteContract Conde Nast

Once again this summer, Conde Nast Traveler launched its hot list of openings and updates in the hospitality sector that demanding travelers like you shouldn´t miss. By the way, half of the projects are located in Spain, we´re on the wrong way if we cut down licenses in a field that, according to Hostelmarket magazine, will open 14.000 new rooms in Spain between 2015 and 2016, many of them in refurbishment projects as well as upgrading. The new major of Barcelona, Mrs. Colau, should be aware of doing experiments, above all when Spain is the second country in the world for tourism incomes and this year 2015 68 million international tourists will have visited us.

Here you have the hotel list and a classic side dish to share with eclectic music lovers.

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_41604848_650x H10 Duque de Loulé (Lisboa, Portugal) @RuarteContract Conde Nast

 Duque de Loulé Hotel (Lisbon , Portugal)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_43062643_650x Bahia Vik (José Ignacio, Uruguay)

 Bahía Vik Hotel (José Ignacio, Uruguay)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_57926415_650x Aman Tokyo (Tokio, Japón)

 Aman Tokyo Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_50794025_320x Balandret (Valencia, España) @RuarteContract Conde Nast

 Balandret Hotel (Valencia, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_142765336_320x NH Collection Eurobuilding (Madrid, España)

  NH Eurobuilding Hotel (Madrid, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_254370197_650x Puente Romano Marbella @RuarteContract Conde Nast Traveler

Puente Romano Hotel (Marbella, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_261543066_650x The Principal (Madrid, España)

The Principal Hotel (Madrid, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_268299550_320x Tríbal Hotel (Granada, Nicaragua)

Tribal Hotel (Granada, Nicaragua)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_273384453_650x Mandarin Oriental Bodrum (Bodrum, Turquía)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Bodrum, Turkey)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_341534302_650x Sant Francesc Hotel Singular (Palma de Mallorca, España)

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_357909563_650x Maison Souquet Paris @RuarteContract

 Maison Souquet Hotel (Paris, France)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_452003450_650x The Pottinger (Hong Kong, China)

The Pottinger Hotel (Hong Kong, China)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_500072505_650x Casas del siglo XVI (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)

Casas del siglo XVI (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_545993065_320x The Miami Beach EDITION (Miami, EE. UU.)

The Miami Beach EDITION (Miami, US)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_576968733_650x G Rough Roma @RuarteContract Conde Nast

 G Rough Hotel (Roma, Italy)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_627694643_320x The Chiltern Firehouse (Londres, Reino Unido)

The Chiltern Firehouse (London, United Kingdom)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_687606634_650x Baccarat Hotel & Residences (Nueva York, EE. UU.)

Baccarat Hotel & Residences (New York, US)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_697145108_650x Soho House (Estambul, Turquía)

Soho House (Istanbul, Turkey)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_718718386_650x Cape Weligama (Sri Lanka)

 Cape Weligama Hotel (Sri Lanka)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_844041387_650x Bahia Vik (José Ignacio, Uruguay)

Fuerte Miramar Hotel (Marbella, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_719638249_650x Cotton House Hotel (Barcelona, España)

Cotton House Hotel (Barcelona, Spain)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_842019872_650x Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara (Doha, Qatar)

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara (Doha, Qatar)

hot_list_2015_los_hoteles_de_moda_en_el_mundo_992439762_650x Norden Travel (Tíbet)

 Norden Travel Hotel, Tibet

hotel_urso_madrid_espana_1213_320x Hotel URSO (Madrid, España)

URSO Hotel (Madrid, Spain)