Pascall & Watson: Expertise on design and delivery of complex architecture projects in Abu Dhabi


Let’s speak today about projects in the United Arab Emirates developed by Pascall & Watson, an architect firm with headquarters in London. Their philosophy lays down on the belief that a good design can make buildings attractive, efficient in their construction … Continue reading

Building Studio refurbishes an old palazzo in Torino and turns it into the modern Number 6

number6_building_Torino architecture @RuarteContract 3

Today we would like to show you the Number 6, a restoration of the Palazzo Valperga Galleani built in Torino (Italy) in 1663,  an architecture project that respects past and history in an elegant game between heritage, technology and innovative … Continue reading

Tverrfjellhytta in Norway, Scandinavian design, much wood and the best balcony before the wild nature

Tverrfjellhytta in Dovrefjell Natural Park 4 @RuarteContract.jpg wood design alta decoración en madera

Excellent, that´s the way to define the work in wood made at the wooden cave at Tverrfjellhytta Observatory in Dovrefjell National Park, Norway. A woodcarved cave in curved shape, protected by an extra-wide-screen glass window that gives peaceful views of the … Continue reading

The Mudejar art and the adaptation of its coffered ceilings to the modern architecture


One of the most complicated and satisfying challenges in wooden installations is the elaboration of Mudejar and neoclassic ceilings and its inclusion in such different architecture projects as homes, hotels, restaurants, hunting estates or wineries. Polichromed or not, in several … Continue reading

Stunning houses to go through the winter… Or not

Unique houses @RuarteContract

We don´t want to disturb you today either with a Pritzker Prize winner´s life or with our last hotel or restaurant to be furnished. Today, since it´s Saturday and as a humble gift for your friendship, just photos (that we … Continue reading

Jean Nouvel: Architecture is not to build up space but to build inside space

Torre_Agbar Barcelona by Jean Nouvel @RuarteContract

Jean Nouvel started working in architecture before finishing his studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Paris. He began studying painting but the precarious situation at the time made him change his mind and lead his steps to architecture, thinking … Continue reading

Joan Lao, balance between quality, design and environment respect

interior_design_joan_lao_urban_loft_ @RuarteContract

Joan Lao has lately become one of the leading figures in international design world. Throughout his career he has designed furniture, public and private spaces, lighting projects and other objects. He is so versatile that he also owns his own … Continue reading

Welcome to the excellent Studio William Hefner in California

William Hefner Chautauqua

One of the main features of William Hefner´s Architecture and Design Studio is the practice that fully integrates architecture, interior design and landscaping into a seamless process. What distinguishes their diverse portfolio is an aesthetic sensibility that combines livability and … Continue reading

Today we go for a walk under Metropol Parasol in Seville or the Mushrooms of La Encarnacion Square

Metropol Parasol Sevilla 6

Located on La Encarnación Square in Seville, Spain, this wood and concrete installation by the German architect Jürgen Mayer reaches a size of 150 meters long and 26 meters high. It is a structure made of wood with two columns of concrete … Continue reading

Back to roots, back to wood with log home interiors

Log home interiors

We´ve just discovered the passion of Pioneer Log Homes for wood as building material and logs as leit motif. It´s true that not in every country you can easily get a wooden house, it´s obviously easier in Scandinavian countries than … Continue reading