Braun und Güth Architekten gives us the last nice surprise in home design before 2015

braun-gth-architekten 2 @RuarteContract

At just one day to finish 2014, we find what is perhaps the warmest house we´ve posted about during the year. It is located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and it´s nothing but an excellent refurbishment and redesign of a neoclassic residence from 19th century, turned into solid wood and straight lined interiors.

braun-gth-architekten @RuarteContract

The project, called “Pünktchen” Haus, showing once again that wood goes a long way further than other materials when we think about that integrating nature and construction. Well, that word again… green design, whatever.

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 braun-gth-architekten 4 @RuarteContract

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As you may see, wood is all around, in staircase, american kitchen table, sliding doors (not white lacquered finally!) and even in a kind-of-Japanese-futon bed. Undoubtly, it is a coherent and consistent work.

By the way, this stunning work has been developed by the German architecture studio Braun und Güth Architekten, leaded by Shascha Christine Braun and Daniel Güth. Danke schön und frohes Neues Jahr !

braun-gth-architekten 7 @RuarteContract

braun-gth-architekten 8 @RuarteContract

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