The best wooden house of the end of the summer, by Webber + Studio Architects

tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 8

From time to time we find pieces of jewellery like this one, residences that join wood, light, style and modern design, even shoji windows in the upper floor of the interior courtyard with some kind of reminiscence to the mythical movie “Kill Bill” (well, that´s my own memorabilia…).

It´s not usual but here we are to remind you just to figure out the wooden finish and we´ll make it come true.

This house, called Tarrytown residence, is located in Austin (Texas) and was designed by Webber + Studio Architects in 2005. Enjoy the details.

tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 2tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 3tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 4tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 5tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 6tarrytown-residence-webber-studio-architects @RuarteContract 7



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