Back to roots, back to wood with log home interiors

Log home interiors

We´ve just discovered the passion of Pioneer Log Homes for wood as building material and logs as leit motif. It´s true that not in every country you can easily get a wooden house, it´s obviously easier in Scandinavian countries than in the Arabic Gulf where concrete is the main material or in Southern Europe where bricks and stone are in advantage, but it is always nice to dream about a mountain house though you live by the coast.

Log homes 3

Let´s remember that design takes it all, nevertheless the style you choose. Hope you like it, there´s no need to be inside David Lynch´s “Twin peaks” .

Log home interiors 3Log home interiors 4Log home interiors 5Log home interiors 2Log home interiors_entry 4

Rustic wooden interiors can be warm and comfortable but the fachades of these houses can be stylish too.

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Photos via Pioneer Log Homes