At Ruarte Contract we collaborate with …

  • Architecture studios
  • Interior designers
  • Project managers and developers, and
  • Owners of hotel, commercial and residential contract projects

Our modus operandi in Spain and other countries consists on …

  • Working from demand,
  • Customizing the offer according to the suggested designs, if so, by architects and designers,
  • Agreeing such designs after the use of the latest technology in Auto CAD, 3D Max, Photoshop and renderings, or
  • Designing directly the interiors by our design department according to the requirements of developers and/or property.

The execution of the work is made …

  • Thanks to a study and technical visit to the establishment,
  • Previously installing the project in factory (in the case of staircases and coffered ceilings) to
  • Transport the elements separated and
  • Ready to assemble meccano-style, efficiently, with time save and cost decrease for all parties.

At Ruarte Contract the specifier and the customer are our partners

  • Being flexible on the economic conditions with our collaborators,
  • Always searching for a mid-term comercial relationship,
  • Based on a win-win basis and
  • The mutual commitment so
  • Specifiers and customers become our eyes in the destination market

Companies like Grupo Pesquera, Amstel Beer, Hoteles Barceló y Restaurantes Asador de Aranda are customers, partners and friends of us.

For any project in which you may need our support,

write us with no compromise to
call us at +34 925382342 or contact through this form, leaving your phone number if you prefer us to call you

Do not hesitate, it will be a pleasure to brainstorm, visualize and develop projects together.

We are waiting for you.