A-cero, more than a renowned Spanish architect. Coherence, team and international strategy

balcony house a-cero arquitectos Joaquín Torres @RuarteContract

Talking about the main features that we can highlight from A-cero Architects Studio, led by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, these are their minimalism and functionality as main footprint on every project. This firm develops a modern architecture based on art´s world, specially in the field of sculpture, paying close attention to the volumes and their decisive impact on the final outcome of the work.

One of the very first projects of this architecture studio was the design of “La Finca” in Somosaguas, Madrid, a large state and ideal place to build over 180 outstanding and luxury private villas.

15 years of A-cero in just 40 seconds

A-cero counts on a team of over 100 professionals who work in La Coruña and Madrid.  In addition, they´ve got a subsidiary in Dubai, devoted to projects in the Gulf area.

They´re very well known for designing private villas for VIP people in the business community , arts and sports like Amancio Ortega, Enrique Sarasola, Alejandro Sanz, Javier Bardem or Cristiano Ronaldo,  among other people.

balcony house a-cero arquitectos Joaquín Torres @RuarteContract

diseñodeinteriores2@RuarteContract a-cero arquitectos Joaquín Torres

Interview with Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, their view of architecture, materials, famous customers, influences, architect´s responsibility and international expansion

Their firm has crossed borders and thanks to this international strategy they finally got such big commissions like the development of a residential state of 500.000 square meters in Dubai, growing on the number of international customers that place their trust in this architecture studio.

Both architects understand architecture as a global project in which the design is the starting point but acquires its maximum expression when it culminates with the interior design and landscaping. Besides, we must stand out their serious entry in the interior decoration and furniture design, to reach a coherent concept between outside and interiors, structure, landscape and interior lines, textures and colours.

Exclusive villas in Madrid by A-cero architects

A-cero Tech, is another line of work by A-cero, based on the construction of modular houses, with the purpose to satisfy the needs of individual customers who wish to have a design house in a short term and taking into account the property surface.

Modular residence for Carlos Sainz, Rallye World Champion, by A-cero Architects

This kind of modular architecture is based on the values of industrialized building, everything is advantages:  cost reduction, decrease in the execution time, a lower environmental impact… this kind of architecture can be also applied to schools, offices, student residences, etc.